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Thread: Designing with Natives by John Rogers: Video Presentation

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    Designing with Natives by John Rogers: Video Presentation

    On March 25, 2012 Bird Town of Lower Frederick had a special presenter, John Rogers. John has written a tremendously valuable guide book for educating the home owner interested in environmentally sound landscaping principles.

    Designing With Natives is a roadmap for design and backyard stewardship using native plants. By connecting your home and its surroundings, you'll take advantage of the inspiration and positive healing powers of nature. In this way, your home will not feel like an escape from nature, but rather an intrinsic part of it. The connection of many yards creates a community both for people and for nature and restores cost free natural services.

    Based upon experience, research and practice, this roadmap for stewardship offers actions you can easily put into practice, such as:

    How to increase habitat diversity and attract birds and butterflies
    How to offset and measure your carbon, water, nutrient and pesticide footprint through an integrated website
    How to plan and create a beautiful yard using very low maintenance native plants
    Ways to significantly increase the potential market value of your house using native plants
    How to reduce your stormwater impact
    How to measure your environmental progress and make good environmental choices
    How to determine when native plants bloom and where to plant them
    How to locate trees, gardens and colorful plants to get the best bang for your buck
    How to save money through conservation and native plants
    How greenery helps you love where you live
    Learn about nature's healing powers

    John's website: www.dwtn.net

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